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Yo Philly! Re-Paint Nebinger's Crosswalks!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Update (9/6/23): A mere 30 hours after our PTA Members started contacting OTIS and Councilmember Mark Squilla, our long-overdue crosswalks were re-painted. Moral of story? Community action works and when we come together as a community, we can get things done. Thanks to everyone who called and emailed last Thursday! By Friday afternoon, we had crosswalks. WE ARE NEBINGER!

Earlier this week families from Nebinger met up to walk to school together for Walk and Roll to School Day! Organized by Safe Routes Philly this event was a fun morning of giggles and safe passage.

School children prepare to walk to school in Philadelphia
Nebinger students gear up to Walk to School Day

However, the Nebinger PTA has been putting pressure on the City for MONTHS to re-paint our crosswalks on Carpenter at 6th and 7th Streets. Last Spring, Carpenter Street was ripped up. It took months to be repaved and has been paved for 7 weeks, but crosswalks in front of our elementary school have not yet been repainted. We have now gone through two seasons without crosswalks in front of our school. Hundreds of kids cross these intersections daily to get to school. We're calling on @philastreets (Streets Department), @philaotis (OTIS), and Mark Squilla to get this done to keep our kids at @nebingerelementary and our community safe.

Two students cross a street in Philadelphia
A 2nd and 3rd Grader cross before drop off at Carpenter. What's missing? Crosswalks.

At 7th/Passyunk/Carpenter, families have to cross a dangerous 6-point intersection that has its own Instagram account due to dangers. And now that already dangerous intersection has lacked crosswalks on Carpenter for months.

Call to Action:

Please contact Mark Squilla to put the heat on:

And the Philly OTIS - Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability:

Repaint our crosswalks!

Children arrive to Nebinger Elementary
Numerous students are seen crossing at 6th without painted crosswalks.

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