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Classroom Supply Fund launched for Nebinger Teachers and our October Winner - Ms. Smith (2nd Grade!)

Nebinger PTA is thrilled to be able to provide $1,600 in direct support to classrooms this year. To ensure equity in access to PTA resources, we are trying out a monthly lottery system where we will randomly select one project per month to fund from October through May. Individual projects can cost up to $200. The funds can be used to supplement other sources of funding, if you are working to pool resources. Since this is a new thing, feedback is very welcome! Please send any suggestions to

This month's winner is Elizabeth Smith, 2nd Grade!

Congratulations Ms. Smith!! PTA will be providing Ms Smith's class with $200 to support the following project:

"My project will be implemented immediately if I were to be drawn. This project will benefit 20-30 2nd grade students every year going forward. In this project, I am asking for the funding to buy more mentor text, read aloud, and series books for my students. 2nd grade is the age when students' reading and comprehension explodes. Having a great collection of series books will encourage them to read more and often. Having relevant and important mentor texts will help the students social and emotional learning, and how an author uses their specific skills."

A graphic of a teacher at Nebinger, congratulating her for winning a  monthly supply lottery.
Congrats Ms. Smith!

How it works:

  • All requested resources must be used by students or directly provide a student experience.

  • The project cannot foster discrimination or proselytize a religious or political viewpoint.

  • Any project that infringes upon a student's safety or right to privacy is not eligible.

  • We encourage teachers to submit projects that can be carried out during this school year.

  • Only one project per teacher can be funded each year.

  • If you are not randomly selected this time around, we will keep projects in the pool until the end of the year.

  • If you wish to withdraw your project for consideration, email

  • Project lottery will take place the first Friday of each month. Teachers will have until the following Tuesday to confirm they will accept the funds.

  • If the selected teacher declines use of the funds, we will draw again.

  • If the selected project costs less than $200, we will draw an additional project among those that the remaining funds can support.

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