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About Nebinger Elementary

Nebinger Elementary is a small and innovative public school located in the Queen Village / Bella Vista area of Philadelphia serving Grades K-8. We take pride in celebrating diversity as we provide a high-quality education that prepares, ensures, and empowers all Nebinger students to achieve their full intellectual and social potential in order to compete in the global economy. We provide creative and community service opportunities for our students and the Nebinger community through our partnerships with Big Sandbox, Walnut Street Theatre, Rock School of Dance, and QVNA. The inclusion of our Model Autistic Support Program is an example of diversity and tolerance of differences within the school, welcoming students and families from all walks of life.


Nebinger Vision + Mission Statement

It is our vision at Nebinger Elementary School for classrooms to be joyful, safe, and nurturing with students thinking critically in order to be college and career ready as life-long learners.


At Nebinger Elementary staff and community partners work collaboratively to provide a high-quality education that prepares and empowers all students to achieve their full intellectual and social potential by cultivating prosperity and prioritizing diversity and equality through our curriculum and instruction. 

Meet The Leaders 

Our Teachers

When we ask parents (and students) what the love best about Nebinger, it always comes back to the teachers. You will not find a more dedicated group of teachers and staff! The PTA values and supports the education professionals that make such a difference in the lives of our children.


Nebinger Lindback Award Winning Teachers

2022 - Jacquelyn Mengel

2021- Leslie Grace, Art Teacher.

2020- Brittany Jakubowski, Kindergarten.

2019- Caroline Pomrink, ESOL.

2018- Heather Lincoln, Math Lead.

2017- Javier Dominguez, Science Lead.


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