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Join the PTA

Nebinger PTA is most impactful when our membership reflects the families of Nebinger. Nebinger is a diverse community of families from the surrounding neighborhood as well as from all over Philadelphia.


Joining Nebinger PTA offers opportunities to stay informed, get involved in and shape the school community. We need your voice to make important decisions about our fundraising goals and how to equitably allocate PTA resources, what kinds of programs we should put on for our kids and families; and how we can support the administration and staff at Nebinger in creating a welcoming and rewarding environment for our kids to learn and grow. Join today!

Simply Show Up! Volunteer with us.

Out PTA is stronger when we have all of our community's voices heard. Come out to PTA meetings and share your thoughts on what you think our school needs the most, join us for free community events, or take the time to volunteer when you can! We can't do it without your support and we're always looking for volunteers. If you don't know where you fit, reach out to us and we'll find something awesome for you to do as a volunteer. We regularly post on social media when we need volunteers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular volunteer opportunities (and come out to a member meeting during the school year!)

Donate or become a recurring donor

As an all-volunteer 501c3, donations go directly to improving the lives of the kids at Nebinger. Donating is easy, secure and tax-deductible. If you would like to maximize your impact, monthly donations are an effective and convenient way to give. Monthly donations allow us to budget for the future and make a tremendous impact on Nebinger. Whether you donate $5 or $50 a month, your ongoing support ensures that we have resources throughout the school year to meet needs as they arise. If your situation changes at anytime, cancelling your monthly donation is easy. 

Businesses: Donate Or Sponsor

As a 501c3, the Nebinger PTA relies on the support of our community. Traditional, corporate sponsorship packages are available. We are also thrilled to partner with local businesses to come up with a sponsorship package that not only benefits our kids, but also your company! From donating pizzas for our community movie nights to offering supplies to spruce up our school yards and gardens, we're happy to get creative. Do you have an idea for an in-kind sponsorship or support boost? Reach out to us!

Join Friends of Nebinger

Are you a community member that wishes to volunteer for the school? Maybe you're retired and have a few free hours during the week? Friends of Nebinger is a community-led, all-volunteer group that helps organize clean-ups, facilitates the "Reading Buddies" volunteer group (one-on-one reading support), and is spearheading the library re-launch. This is a great option for community members who might not have a child in the school, but want to get involved in supporting their local public school. For more information please contact them at:

nebingerfriends @

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